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Traditional Kodokan Judo is simply the practice of Kodokan Judo as described in the text “Kodokan Judo” by Prof. Jigoro Kano, without the “overwhelming emphasis” on sport of Judo; studying the history, etiquette, waza and kata of Kodokan Judo and enjoying them for what they are – “The knowledge, skills and a way of life” based on principles taught by its founder, Prof. Kano.


"The Ultimate Goal of Kodokan Judo is the Perfection of Human Character and to Benefit the World.”

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Masters Caucus & Committees




  • AlabamaMark Barlow
  • Arkansas: Brian Dugger
  • Arizona: John Linebarger, Walt Sweet
  • California (Central)Neil Ohlenkamp
  • California (Southern): Gene LeBell, GokorChivichyan
  • Colorado: Mathew Bayley, Bob Davis, Gene Tomby
  • Connecticut: David Burs
  • Delaware: Michael Graves
  • FloridaDave Parritt, Jeffrey Cook, Earl DelValle, John Newton
  • GeorgiaToshiaki Takikawa & Matt Larsen
  • Hawaii: Samuel C. Luke
  • Illinois: Ben Bergwerf, John Ryan III & Edward Kuras
  • Indiana: Billy Ray Smith & John Nanay
  • Iowa:Bill Cooley
  • Kansas:Robert Boggs, Doug Perrin
  • Kentucky: Kathy Howdieshell, John Looney
  • Louisiana: Robert M. Carver, Darryn Melerine
  • Maryland: David Bish & Julio Zarate
  • Massachusetts: Santos Hernandez & Sean Gately
  • Michigan: Shaunton Davis, Tony M. Zimkowski
  • Minnesota: K. Joel Coles
  • Mississippi: Chris Dewey
  • Missouri: Steve Scott


Central Technical Committee
Roger A. Jarrett, Chairman

  • Hiro Takahashi
  • Jim Harrison
  • Gene LeBell
  • John F. Chatwood

Membership Committee
Donna K. Cosper, Chairman

  • Curtis L. Hale
  • John Annable
  • Charles Carter

Event Organizing Committee
John F. Chatwood, Chairman

  • John Linebarger
  • John Annable

Tournament Administration and Rules Committee
Bruce R. Bethers, Chairman

Coaching Committee
Patrick M. Hickey, Chairman

  • Albert Pecoraro
  • Steve Scott

Referee Committee
Roger A. Jarrett, Chairman

  • Earl DelValle
  • Jose Dominquez

Athletes Advisory Committee
David S. Ames, Chairman

  • Louis Begue
  • Chris Wood
  • David Bonner
  • John Linebarger
  • Barbara O'Connor
  • Chris Beihl
  • Fred Parrish
  • Glenn Hall
  • Chad White

Women's Development Committee
Corinne Housley, Chairperson

  • Lesley Anderson
  • Delva Mandrell
  • Donna K. Cosper
  • Alicia Miller
  • Pamela Hickey
  • Carolyn Hofer
  • Margaret Williams
  • Corinne Housely
  • Kimberly Linebarger

Medical Committee
Robert Erickson, M.D., Chairman

  • David G. Mata, RN
  • Ray Leone, D.O.
  • Robert Freda, M.D.

Law and Legislation Committee
Ernest G. McPeek, J.D., Chairman

  • Joel McTague, JD
  • Robert Bobinski, JD

Information Management Committee
Robert M. Carver, Chairman

Marketing Committee
Nadeem Ansari, Chairman

  • John Newton
  • Mike Akbari

Finance Committee
John F. Chatwood, Chairman

  • Donna K. Cosper
  • Ann Osborne, CPA

Special Advisors and Noteworthy Leaders


Gone, but not forgotten
USA-TKJ Leaders that have passed on...


USA TRADITIONAL KODOKAN JUDO™  is a Non-Profit Corporation and the USA National Governing Body (NGB) for Judo with the World Judo Federation (WJF).

National Office
3816 Bellingham Drive
Reno, Nevada 89511


Email: natlhq (dot) usatkj (at) gmail (dot) com

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